Monday, September 29, 2014

Hangin' with Alice (my adventure buddy)

Autumn Leaves at Gilsland Farm   

Mary "adventure buddy" Murray
 I'm a SW Florida gal, and i had the good fortune to spend 4 weeks in Maine late in summer. I spent the last 4 days with Alice and John at their camp on Little Lake Sebago.  What a great time we had! 

Alice and I kayaked the first afternoon and got to watch Mama Loon and her now pretty large baby hunting in the cove.  Mama still fed him but not every time she dove, and he is making an effort to hunt. Mama came up with the perfect size fish for that chick every time.  We were quite close to them – what a treat. 
Little Sebago Loon chick

Second day we watched cheese being made at Pineland Farms Creamery  It was fascinating.  Best of all, the owner (Head Cheese?) was there squiring a visiting cheese maker around. We eavesdropped and learned they were trying a new process today.  Who would imagine one could spend a couple of hours glued on cheese making - true!  They have great lunches in their cafeteria too.  Afterward Alice and I walked off our lunch while John shopped for cheese for us. YES!
The Raven at Gilsland
Mama turkey and brood at Gilsland
We had other great hikes too.  This is a portion of Maine I’ve never visited and the woods are beautiful – a mix of hardwood, pine and fir.  Leaves are beginning to change, the air was crisp, temps in the 50s low 60s perfect for hiking.  We tried out trails at Maine Audubon Gilsland Farm that was hosting an outdoor sculpture exhibit.  Over 80 sculptures placed in the fields and woods along the trails.  We found most of them. After picnicking at Gilsland, we headed to Mackworth Island, also in Falmouth. What a lovely trail overlooking the Portland Harbor and housing a community of fairy houses. 
Fairy house at Mackworth

Last day we hiked about 7 miles at 2 sites, Morgan Meadow and Libby Hill Forest Outback Trail – not bad for a couple of seniors. We High Fived ourselves.  I was so hoping to see a Moose but they hid from me in very moosey places.  Turkeys, ducks, songbirds, jays, crows – lots of birds on tap. 
All of these great adventures took off from Alice and John’s cozy cabin where John cooked us a great chicken casserole dinner and loads of homemade cookies. 

Sunrise on Little Sebago
I also learned how to play “Hand and Foot” a very fun card game reminiscent of canasta.  My bed was on the sun porch facing east and I got to see gorgeous sunrises every morning.  Lots of stars at night too.  Perfect.
Thank you Alice and John for a great vacation in a beautiful part of Maine!!  I look forward to exploring more trails and creeks with you back in SWFLA when you return. 

           Mary Murray
Deck dock on Little Sebago

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  1. Mary's pictures of the Maine countryside were very pretty. The sunrise is awesome. Glad the two of you were able to get in some quality hiking.