Saturday, January 4, 2014

More Surf and Sand?

Two Lights Crashing Surf

Not exactly . . . 

To me rocks in all shapes and sizes distinguish Maine beaches.  I made an expedition in June with my daughter, Jill, and granddaughter, Brianne. Swimming is reserved for the very hardy with water temperatures at 56 degrees in June, inching up only a couple of degrees through the summer. That said the views, the geology, the diversity are all great reasons to go to the beach in Maine.
Two Lights Rocks and Flora

Two Lights State Park in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, is easily accessed from the Portland area. It was so named for the twin lighthouses located nearby, the eastern of which is still active.  If you are a lighthouse lover, do check out the history at this link.
Two Lights Pond and Wild Iris
The park, which opened in 1961, consists of 40 acres of rocky headlands. Our exploration revealed wonderful walking paths along the shore traversing inland past the remains of a World War II seacoast battery bunker and a fire control tower. Within the park is a well kept playground and a pond.

The bad news is you cannot view the lighthouses from the park. The good news is the geology, the views, the flora, the paths and the family friendly amenities make this a wonderful place to visit.

Two Lights Geology
The exposed rock ledges represent the current stage of a very long geologic
history dating to 420 million years ago, the Silurian period. The ledges have been affected by heat and pressure inside the earth which changed its form over the years. The coastline is still being shaped by the ocean today. Wow.

We had a picnic lunch at a table set to take advantage of sweeping views of Casco Bay and the Atlantic.
Two Lights View Spot

On the same day we visited Crescent Beach State Park, which is just down the road from Two Lights State Park. This crescent shaped beach is sandy with lots of smaller rocks protruding. It is one mile long and offers a concession stand, restrooms with showers and picnic areas to complement the beach.

Crescent Beach

If you’re looking for a family outing or an opportunity for some personal meditation, I heartily recommend Two Lights State Park.

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  1. Lovely photographs! The rocky beaches in Maine are distinctively different than the sandy beaches of the Jersey shore. What a gift to spend time walking on beaches, listening to the wind and waves!